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Class VENISON.PROPERTIES.TriggerProperty

Extends VENISON.PROPERTY.Property.
A versatile trigger property that sends message with customizable content to the collidee on contact. May be used with sensors and non-sensors alike. Handles messages 'physicsOnContactBegin' and 'physicsOnContactEnd' sent internally from VENISON.PHYSICS.PhysicsManager. Sends two messages to any other entity that comes into contact with it: onTriggerBegin and onTriggerEnd, sent on contact begin and on contact end, respectively. The content has two keys, namely 'data' and 'triggerEntity'. The first will be either the onTriggerBeginData or the onTriggerEndData attribute strings as set in the level (most often via the editor). The latter will always be a pointer to the entity to which this property is attached.
Defined in: venison_engine.js.

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attributes, entity
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fnGetName, fnHandleMessage, fnOnAttached, fnOnFrame, fnOnLevelLoaded, fnOnRemoved, fnRegisterToMessages
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