Personal Space Invaders!

Venison Engine is a 2D game engine that uses HTML5 and JavaScript to enable native browser support. The advantage of this is that end users do not require any additional third party software (plug-ins), theoretically keeping the door open for any platform with an HTML5-enabled web browser.

The Venison Engine can be used to create games that run in many of the most popular web browsers, including:

It seems however that the level editor has limited functionality in Opera due to the way it handles (or really doesn't handle) drop events. We have also noted that it (the editor) works a little strangely in Ubuntu, but it's nothing more than a little annoying. Note that the previous observations have been done using the Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu versions of the aforementioned browsers. The venison engine is very easy to use due to it's object oriented nature. To create a complete game, developers will only have to include the one JavaScript file containing the engine (and another containing the physics engine) and then create up to seven files from existing templates to contain the specific logic of the game. When the logic has been provided, levels are easily created and modified in the WYSIWYG-style level editor provided as a php-file. The venison engine is theoretically capable of creating large scale action games, with the fully capable physics engine Box2D seamlessly integrated to provide an experience as realistic as needed.

The venison engine is close to a full-fledged 2D game engine, sporting features such as:

Missing features

Even though the features listed above are enough to make the engine useful as a whole, there are a few features that are absent: